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3D World Studio 5.52

It is a map editor designed for use with DarkBASIC Professional
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3D World Studio 5.5 is a constructive solid geometry modeler that has a support for terrain, object placement and lighting. The software has fast data manipulation and drawing which helps to increase efficiency. It features stretch, position, and mirror, flip and rotate meshes. It allows automatic UV mapping for its effects. It has adjustable viewports and multiple object properties can be edited at a single instance.

It also features some new brushes like arches and tubes. The brush texture coordinates can be frozen using a texture lock. Information pertaining to poly counts by the object type can be viewed in a statistical form. It has many referenced meshes and supports shadow meshes. There is no need to distort the vertex coordinates for the adjustment of scale. It has in-built options for brushes, meshes and terrain. The software has lighting for brushes, meshes as well as terrain. It also supports masked as well as translucent surfaces and has settings for receiving and casting shadows.

3D World Studio allows the user to operate different in-built tools and options in order to make great geometry. It is easy to use and contains a huge library of resources. The user can undo up to unlimited levels. The file format output is very small and compatible.

Needs Paypal, Needs Connection to Server

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  • Easy to use with great renders


  • Can get complicated with its design preview
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